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Adding to a prospective traders training plan

To the Stock sub, yes I read the wiki, I have been increasingly more interested in the financial markets and learning how to trade. I've been reading a ton on a ton, sometimes it feels like there is so much information it can start to become overwhelming. Sometimes I don't know where to start, and sometimes I don't know where to stop. This is an immense project for anyone to start, and to the people who have 'made it'(everyone has their own definition of success' I have a tremendous amount of respect for you. It seems that, day trading, intraday trading etc. are minimized to, it's basically gambling and if you dump money in the stock market you're an idiot. I once did also subscribe to that ideology and now I realize I probably should have focused on that instead of partying with friends and making some bad decisions, but the wisest of men were once the greatest of fools said a smart guy one time, I think. Anyway just some background, I am in my early 20's and am assigned as an air traffic controller in a branch of the american military. I just developed a rough 'training plan' to get myself on the right track to being fiscally adept. The reason why I am posting is to search for some wisdom from the elders, someone that will take some time to just sift through a couple of my talking points to add or subtract some of my basic ideas, and basically just guide me in the right direction. It doesn't make much sense to go into these things blindly, especially with an area of study a whole career field is designed around. I want to develop a rough map / curriculum to follow for myself, and to try to measure any indicators (no pun intended) of progress. But I am just a beginner, so why not post this on reddit? If anyone has any tips, something to add, something to subtract, that's why this is here. I'll be around to answer any questions for the next hour or so, then I can pickup tomorrow. I'm hoping we as a community can come together with something to give to a beginner like me, with this being the beginning
My motivation – 1. So I can give family, friends and myself a life without worry. So, we have more time to focus on building meaningful experiences and forming a strong relationship with each other. 2. If profitable enough, to donate to cancer research to hopefully one-day cure cancer, more specifically, malignant brain cancers. 3. To have financial freedom. 4. To build wealth for myself and future generations of my family, regardless if it is my own kin. 5. To challenge myself. How I am doing this? Adopting a mix of education, research and simulated training I hope that by the end of CY18 I can have a small account funded 1500-3000 for trading while also focusing on paying down debt.
Education and Research: Reading List 1. Security Analysis – a. To gain a fundamental basis to judge a stocks worth, it has great reviews and has been recommended on multiple different platforms as a must read, so I am must reading it b. This book will not relate to the trading strategy that will be adopted in the beginning to build greater wealth. However, I think this will become a staple of future trading strategies. This book is basically the polar opposite to speculative trading/investment which will comprise the trading the trading strategy used to develop the wealth needed to reach the 25k minimum needed to day trade. 2. Japanese candlestick charting techniques (JCCT)-- a. This book is allegedly a great source on learning candlestick patterns and learning technical analysis. b. The focus will be learning how to read charts quick and effectively, allowing me to draw reasonable and insightful conclusions on the potential movement on stock based on its price-action 3. Will add more to the list after I finish these, but as of now I have determined learning a mix between fundamental & technical analysis will keep me well rounded so I don’t tunnel vision one way of trading. The aim is to remain well rounded and not to rely on one skill too much.
Online resources – 1. Youtube a. Ricky Gutierrez – stocks b. Timothy Sykes – stocks c. The Duomo initiative – Forex d. Numerous other youtube sources 2. Babypips – Forex 3. Lehman Brothers “Foreign Exchange Training Manual” (Dekstop) 4. Reddit? 5. Will add more as they come Simulation— 1. a. Good charts, great indicators, free ‘real-time’ data and awesome charting features available as well as an easy to use papertrading, seems like a good resource for FOREX/STOCKS b. 2. TD Ameritrades ThinkOrSwim (TOS) a. 60 day Demo account that I called and got real-time data, the closest thing to a real deal trading platform I can get my hands. Will probably keep trying to learn this and use it as my basis for learning how to execute trades in the FOREX and Equity Markets. b. When the demo account runs out, make a new one, call and get live data set to the account again 3. The criteria used for the trading software a. Don’t make a lot of trades, I want to focus on only taking trades based on as much calculated risk as I can possibly calculate b. Trade around the pattern day trader rule, as when it’s time to go live I want to be used to it. What this means for me, is only take 1 or 2 trades a week, and making them meaningful. c. Try to learn something from every trade I make, failure or success I want to know if it’s pure luck or calculated risk. i. IF it’s a failure, I want to analyze why it happened to the best of my ability. ii. If it’s a success, I want to analyze how it happened and try to really solidify the knowledge. d. Try to imagine the money in the paper trading account is as real as the money in my pocket. e. Don’t rush or force trades, wait for a good “set-up” or situation. Stick to my technical analysis tools/skills and adapt to changing situations based on news releases.
Training— 1. Read at least 30 minutes each day of either Security Analysis or JCCT 2. Use youtube, babypips, reddit or some other online resource to learn SOMETHING that day. I don’t care if I am rereading the Relative Strength Indicator equation, I will do some form of online research and make it meaningful or impactful in some way. 3. Using a simulation platform, most likely TOS, develop a strategy for taking trades during the week. Live by the criteria I set for myself. a. Use each blown up paper account as lesson. b. Stay focused and don’t get emotional c. Rome wasn’t built in a day. d. Go live when I win more than I lose, and am green for 4 months. 4. Don’t forget who I’m doing this for and why. To-Do list – 1. Compile a list of terms, phrases, vocabulary and indicators to define/research and call it homework 2. Find or develop a good trading journal that is designed around a specific strategy, and before I enter into any trade I can fill it in this journal and if it meets criteria it’s time to buy. 3. Make myself some form of “homework” at-least once a week and learn from it. 4. If everything works out remain humble and try to help others succeed also. Summary – The goal is through a mix of, foundational reading (Security Analysis, JCCT and others), online resources, and simulated trading I can go from someone with very low to almost no knowledge of financial markets to a profitable and successful trader in the next 6-24 months. Using realistic and measurable goals to gauge progress (how many books have I read since I set the curriculum? How am I doing papertrading? Am I staying focused? Am I too focused?) as well as always constantly reforming and changing the training plan to grow with me I think this is possible.
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Comparing platforms/firms and other questions

I've currently got an Ameritrade account, and I'm going wild with papermoney in the thinkorswim platform and learning a lot. However, I've been advised to check out different available platforms and service providers (the correct term escapes me at the moment) and compare them, especially in regards to forex rates.
Any suggestions on who I should check out? Preferably companies that offer demo accounts like Ameritrade, as of yet I don't have enough capital to really start trading (let alone experience).
Two more questions-
  1. If I'm trading Forex in ThinkorSwim, is Ameritrade acting as a Dealing Desk brokerage, STP, or STP+ECN?
  2. Does anyone know a good write-up on synthetic option/stock positions? Ameritrade's page on it is pretty good, I get the concept and understand the example, but I'm having trouble constructing my own examples.
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Intro for New Traders

This is designed to be a brief intro into trading. If there's interest in a more detailed "course", perhaps I'll work on that.
Trading isn't difficult. If someone asks how I do it, the simple answer is "buy low, sell high". As a new trader, you don't have the experience nor the tools to understand that cliche, but hopefully with the links I provide and this subreddit, you can start your journey into trading.
Everyone has their idea of what trading is and what trading isn't. Fact is that there's no one way to trade. As you learn the types of trading and different strategies, you'll want to focus on what best matches your personality.
The first thing I would suggest doing as a new trader is to read the book Trading in the Zone. While some of the examples or details may not make sense at the moment, focus in on what Mark Douglas says about self sabotage. Keep the book in the back of your mind as you're going about your learning. If you're unable to find the book, Brett has some good articles. His site is outdated, but the articles on trading psychology are still relevant. There are a ton there, but I'd suggest "The Lesson on Trading Psych" and "Approaching Trading with an Empty Mind". I have yet to read all of them so perhaps there's a gem in there I missed.
Trading Psych is 90% of the game. After you've mastered definitions and basic strategies, trading psych is what you'll be working on for the rest of your trading career.
BabyPips has the best trading "school" i've seen. It's free and it's easy to understand. While the site itself is made for forex, 99% of the information in the school translated into stocks. Spend a week or so reading through this site.
After that, you're pretty much ready to start papertrading. (Papertrading is trading with fake money). Most forex broker's offer free demo account. If you want to trade forex, that will be fine. If you want to trade stocks, I'm not aware of any "free" papertrading accounts. However, I know Interactive Brokers and ThinkorSwim provide papertrading accounts once you sign up.
Regardless of whatever market you decide to trade, stick with it. If you change markets after thing get difficult, you'll never learn from your mistakes. If you're doing forex, don't jump around from currency to currency unless your timeframe is on the longer side (1hr+). Even then, limit yourself to 5 pairs or so. Same with stocks, unless you're on a longer timeframe, give yourself time to learn the stock and the way things move.
Be prepared to papertrade for months or years before things seem to "click". You WILL get frustrated. You WILL lose. Don't make excuses.
Go ahead and quit, it's easy.
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forex on think or swim. - YouTube HOW TO SET UP THINK OR SWIM FOR FOREX TRADERS - YouTube forex tutorial for beginners - thinkorswim forex tutorial video -forex education free forex tutorial How To Use Thinkorswim 2020 (Forex, stocks, futures, and ... Think or Swim (ToS) - Tutorial and Guide - YouTube ThinkorSwim Tutorial: Basics Overview for Beginners - YouTube

Forex investments are subject to counter-party risk, as there is no central clearing organization for these transactions. Please read the following risk disclosure before considering the trading of this product: Forex Risk Disclosure. The #1 trading app accolade applies to thinkorswim mobile―also known as TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader. Mobile ... ThinkorSwim Platform Course . The ThinkorSwim platform has so many gadgets and add-ons for you to use that you will instantly get hooked on it. For example, instead of having to pay for news services to complete your setup as a professional trader, you can use the news gadget on think or swim to have immediate access to breaking news as they hit the wires. Forex Scalping Lessons ... Forex ! thinkorswim review. Its a full service brokerage for savvy investors and allows you to trade forex alongside your other investment products all from the same account. 695 flat on all stocks and etfs for unlimited shares 075 on options contracts 4999 on mutual fund transactions with close to 2000 no load and. Read our in depth thinkorswim review before start ... thinkorswim Lessons. Daily live lessons give you a deep dive into thinkorswim. Demos and individual tutorials focus on each of the main platform sections; Wading Pool. For those new to the platform, the webcast covers the basics. You may also be interested in. TD App; WebBroker; Advanced Dashboard; Pricing ; Education; Why TD Direct Investing; Well worth the investment. View Fees. Open an ... ThinkorSwim Tutorials. ThinkorSwim Platform Course . The ThinkorSwim platform has so many gadgets and add-ons for you to use that you will instantly get hooked on it. For example, instead of having to pay for news services to complete your setup as a professional trader, you can use the news gadget on think or swim to have immediate access to breaking news as they hit the wires. In fact, you ... Forex com mt4 android. Binary options $270 to $22713 in 4 days live account . Thinkorswim automated options trading lessons. 15.06.2017 alex_zero 2 Comments . Get fresh market insights when you want them. Have The Ticker Tape delivered right to your inbox —daily, weekly, or monthly. In our daily educational trading, Swim Lessons SMwe seek to teach options traders about risk-defined, high ... Download How to thinkorswim guide Trading How-Tos. Stock Single Options Options Strategies Futures Forex 24/5 Trading ... futures and forex involves speculation, and the risk of loss can be substantial. Clients must consider all relevant risk factors, including their own personal financial situation, before trading. Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, as well as ... ThinkorSwim Platform Course . The ThinkorSwim platform has so many gadgets and add-ons for you to use that you will instantly get hooked on it. For example, instead of having to pay for news services to complete your setup as a professional trader, you can use the news gadget on think or swim to have immediate access to breaking news as they hit the wires. thinkorswim Desktop. The platform that started it all. Our fully customizable software provides access to elite trading tools that give you the power to test your strategies, develop new ideas and execute even the most complex trades. Home Forex Trading Strategies HOW TO SET UP THINK OR SWIM FOR FOREX TRADERS HOW TO SET UP THINK OR SWIM FOR FOREX TRADERS . January 27, 2020 admin Forex Trading Strategies 32. Previous. Canadian Dollar Forecast Remains Cloudy amid Declining Crude Oil Prices. Next. Advanced Ichimoku Trading Strategy in Forex Trading (2019) 32 Comments The 8th Wonder of The World 1978 says: January 27, 2020 at 8 ...

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💰Learn from Jay💰 📊Jay's Beginner FX Course: 🤵Jay's Market Profile Course: 🔐Jay's ... A guide to setting up and using TD Ameritrade's Think or Swim Charting Platform with Philipp aka Trade Addict. LiveStream Trading is a live trading group des... forex on think or swim. yvettebland101 bland ; 122 videos; 6,593 views; Last updated on May 27, 2018; Play all Share. Loading... Save. Sign in to YouTube. Sign in [Private video] Thinkorswim com ... I've switched by currency account to TD Ameritrade (as I already trade stocks, options, and futures at TD) and I've gotten asked a lot of questions about how... How to Use TD Ameritrade ThinkorSwim: Basic Overview Tutorial for Beginners In this tutorial, we are going to cover the basics of the ThinkOrSwim Platform to... Thank you for watching!! Please hit the like, share and subscribe! Simpler Kitchen: Twitch: https://... forex tutorial for beginners - thinkorswim forex tutorial video -forex education free forex tutorial Start Trading 500$ Free